Pokemon Go Player Near Misses Pedestrian Playing Pokemon Go

pokemon go player killed near Fisherman's Wharf
California Student Shot Dead While Playing Pokemon Go
August 8, 2016

No. This is not The Onion.

A woman playing Pokemon Go in a parking lot near Toronto, in our neighbor country from the north, was thankfully uninjured after a driver who was also playing the augmented reality game nearly crashed into her.

The woman contacted the local police around 2 a.m. this Tuesday to report the near accident.

Reports weren’t clear, but as police officers were interviewing the pedestrian who called the authorities to report the incident, the driver returned to the scene to admit the near crash. Since there were no injuries or actual collision, no charges were brought against the driver. Nevertheless, law enforcement agents across the continent are urging drivers and pedestrians to be aware of the current game craze. Staying alert and putting your phone down will help you to stay alert, especially now since drivers must also be on the watchout for pedestrians putting all of their attention on their phones.

In the United States, two Pokemon Go players crashed into parked police cars. While neither of the incidents resulted in injuries, drivers who are putting their safety at risk by allowing distraction to take over are also putting innocent pedestrians and drivers in danger.

In California, two Pokemon Go players fell off a cliff while playing the smartphone game. Instead of heeding the warnings attached to the fencing surrounding the cliff, the players decided to go over the fence to find Pokemon characters. While no serious injuries were tied to the incident, one of the players was unconscious due to the fall.

In New York, a 28-year-old driver crashed his vehicle into a tree while playing Pokemon Go. He sustained an injury to his leg while the car he was driving was totaled. No other vehicles or individuals were involved.

Unless you’re willing to pay the price—both legally and financially—for being to blame for a distracted driving accident, focus on the road ahead and leave Pokemon Go for later.

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