California Student Shot Dead While Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Player Near Misses Pedestrian Playing Pokemon Go
July 26, 2016
pokemon go player killed near Fisherman's Wharf

Yet another tragic incident involving a Pokemon Go player has hit the news. And the details tied to this occurrence are concerning.

According to a series of news reports, a 20-year-old man was killed while using his phone to play Pokemon Go in our beloved city of San Francisco, California. The young player was catching Pokemon characters in a park late this past Saturday when an armed assailant approached him. Reports show that the alleged murderer had been watching the San Joaquin Delta College student from afar while he and his friend caught Pokemon characters in the Aquatic Park at about 10 PM. The park is located near the popular location known as Fisherman’s Wharf.

Authorities claim the duo failed to pay attention to the suspicious man as they focused on the popular augmented-reality game.

Assailant Attacked Pokemon Player ‘Out of the Blue’

Reports show that, at some point in that night, the assailant walked up to the Pokemon Go player and shot him in the back. The murderer then ran away, without taking anything from the victim. No signs of confrontation were found in the scene.

The victim’s family learned about the man’s death early on Sunday. Shortly after, his cousin launched a GoFundMe page to ask contributors to help pay for his funeral expenses. The victim may have been an avid Pokemon Go player, but he was also weeks from starting his second season as a San Joaquin Delta College closing pitcher. Due to the tragic murder of their beloved student, the school won’t have the privilege of counting with his sportsmanship.

The authorities are still mum on many of the details surrounding this tragic death, but it is known that the victim’s friend did not see the shooting unfold. Until more details are made available, all we know for a fact is that the victim, as well as his colleague, may have not had been involved in such a terrible incident were the game not a part of their day.

You may read more about this tragic incident here or watch the video below for more.

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